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Afternoon Sessions II

3:00 - 4:15 Working Sessions

Session A: Investigating Student Motivation Engagement and Achievement using Secondary Data Sets

Location: Alvarado A

Session Topic: Reading Engagement and Motivation as Predictors of Reading Achievement: Patterns for Ethnic Groups and SES

  • Content Experts: Stephen Whitney & David Bergin

Session Topic: Differential Relationships between Mathematics Achievement, Parental Involvement and Student Noncognitive Factors: Findings from 4th Graders in the United States and in Taiwan

  • Content Experts: Jingfei Liu & Ze Wang

Session Facilitator: Jonathan Hilpert

Session B: Peer Interaction and Collaboration

Location: Alvarado B

Session Topic: A Sociocultural Perspective on Identity: Marginal Identity Trajectories in Collaborative Learning

  • Content Expert: Karlyn Adams-Wiggins

Session Topic: Did I hear what you Said or what I Thought?

  • Content Expert: Angela O’Donnell

Session Facilitator: Jessica Summers


Faircloth (2012) ‘‘Wearing a mask’’ vs. connecting identity with learning

Eccles & Roeser (2011) Schools as Developmental Contexts During Adolescence

O'donnell (2004) Shared and unshared knowledge resources

O'donnell & OKelly (1994) Learning from Peers: Beyond the Rhetoric of Positive Results


Earlier Event: November 5
Afternoon Sessions I