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Afternoon Sessions I

1:30-2:45          Working Sessions

Session A: Discipline Based Educational Research

Location: Alvarado A

Session Topic: DBER in the Middle: Education Research in Disciplinary Contexts by Content Experts, Psychologists and Education Researchers

  • Content Experts: Lisa Benson, Jonathan Hilpert, Michelle Jordan, Kaatje Kraft, Adam Kirn, Katherine Muto-Nelson

Session Facilitators: Duane Shell & Jenefer Husman


Singer et al. (2012) Discipline-based educational research

Session B: Teacher-Student Dynamics

Location: Alvarado B

Session Topic: Motivation in Context: Merging Perspectives on the Dynamic Interplay between Teachers and Students

  • Content Experts: Angela Miller & Melissa Broeckelman-Post

Session Topic: Reframing Teaching from a Listening Perspective

  • Content Experts: Kersti Tyson, Allison Hintz & Andrea English

Session Topic: Collective Efficacy Through a Developmental Lens: Cross Case Exploration of Classroom Interactions

  • Content Experts: Suzanne H. Jones, LeAnn G. Putney & Brett Campbell

Session Facilitator: Gwen Marchand

Earlier Event: November 5
Catered Lunch
Later Event: November 5
Afternoon Sessions II