A Brief History of SCIPIE

The Southwest Consortium of Innovative Psychology in Education (SCIPIE) was incorporated by a group of researchers from the Southwest to plan a series of small, workshop-oriented conferences that allow for extended conversations about innovative research projects. Their emphasis was to tackle research currently in progress, and related difficult problems that researchers face in forward thinking psychological research in education. 

The biennial conferences were developed to provide researchers a venue to discuss difficult, cutting-edge research problems as well as to provide graduate students with opportunities for participation in authentic conversations . The conference workshops allow for extended and focused discussions and therefore support innovations and progress in educational psychology in ways that larger professional meetings can not.  

SCIPIE Leadership

The SCIPIE board is responsible for organizing the biannual conference and maintaining a vibrant and engaged group of scholars focused on innovative psychology in education.  Board members are elected to two year terms by a vote of the organization members.  Presidents serve a total of six years, two years in each presidential role.    

SCIPIE Board 2015-2017

Graduate Student Support

  • Graduate Student Assistant (Board), Christie Gardner, ABD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Graduate Student Representative (Publications), Abraham Flanigan, University of Nebraska

Charter Members 

  • Jenefer Husman          Arizona State University
  • Barbara Greene           University of Oklahoma
  • Douglas Kauffman     Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Terri DeBacker            University of Oklahoma
  • Terri Flowerday          University of New Mexico
  • Ralph E. Reynolds      Iowa State University
  • Gale M. Sinatra           University of Southern California 
  • Lisa D. Bendixen        University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Past Conferences 

  • 2005; UNLV; Student Beliefs: Motivation, Cognition, and Epistemology
  • 2007; ASU; What Makes Teaching and Learning about Science Difficult?
  • 2009; UNLV; The Influence of Culture on Teaching and learning: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • 2011; OU; Building Capacity for STEM Research through Innovations in Psychology and Education
  • 2013; UA; Teaching and Learning from Multiple Perspectives: Coming Together to Create New Meaning.
  • 2015; UNM; Shaping research in educational psychology: Implications of world views, perceptual filters and multiple perspectives for theory and method