Institutional Affiliates

The Scholarly Consortium for Innovative Psychology in Education (SCIPIE) encourages institutions with active SCIPIE members to become institutional affiliates. SCIPIE’s growth over the past decade can be attributed to a robust history of participation from top tier institutions and faculty. Reflecting our leadership and membership, we seek to expand this participation to include institutions both within the southwestern region of the United States and nationally.

We work on behalf of our institutional affiliates around two guiding principles: 1) we act to provide institutional affiliates with increased exposure for their faculty and academic programs through our webpage and our connections with AERA division C and APA division 15; 2) we endeavor to provide graduate students associated with institutional affiliates access to top education psychology scholars from our other participating universities through our own internal programming.  

Increased Exposure 

During our next conference cycle we would like to expand our institutional affiliates, providing information about the institutions and links to their programs and participating faculty so that faculty and students who are part of the organization, or other interested members, can make connections and pursue academic opportunities through these organizations.  AERA Division C and APA Division 15 have graciously helped us to promote our biennial conferences in the past, meaning that faculty and students connected to national educational organizations are a big part of our web traffic.     

Graduate Student Experiences

SCIPIE’s graduate student mentoring program and poster session has been a proven success for over a decade.  Formal mentoring connections between dozens of graduate students and faculty members have been established for our annual conference, providing students with the opportunity to share their work with faculty from other institutions, whom hold different perspectives and points of view, to gain valuable feedback.  In the past we have been able to pair  dozens of educational psychology graduate student members with accomplished faculty from around the country from universities across the nation. 

Annual Dues

Details about purchasing affiliate institutional memberships can be found on the registration page and in our organization bylaws.  Our definition of institutional affiliates has been expanded to include universities outside of the southwest with active faculty and graduate student SCIPIE members.  Active members are encouraged to contact their department chairs and deans about institutional affiliate opportunities.  Interested university faculty or administrators are also encouraged to contact the SCIPIE acting or incoming president for further details.

Contact information for SCIPIE board members can be found on the “SCIPIE” page of this website.