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Morning Sessions I

9:00—10:15     Working Sessions

Session A: Epistemic Cognition

Location: Alvarado A

Session Topic: How can research in epistemic cognition inform our understanding of individuals’ world views, perceptual filters and multiple perspectives?

  • Content Experts: Lisa Bendixen, Ben Heddy, Jeffrey A. Greene, Doug Lombardi, Gale M. Sinatra

 Session Facilitators: Robert Danielson, Ananya Mukhopadhyay, Ian Thacker, Tyron Young


Green (In press) Interacting Epistemic Systems Within and Beyond the Classroom

Hofer (in press) Epistemic Cognition as a Psychological Construct

Sinatra (in press) Thoughts on Knowledge about Thinking about Knowledge

Session B: Socially Shared Regulation in Discipline Based Research

Location: Alvarado B

Session Topic:  Finding Shared Regulation in Qualitative Data from a Learning Studio

  • Content Experts: Vanessa Svihla, Victor Law, Aurora Pun, Sushilla Knottenbelt, Gary A. Smith, Audriana M. Stark & Damien Sanchez

Session Topic: Project Based Learning & Imperfect Literacy

  • Content Experts: Jamie Collins & Michelle Jordan

Session Facilitator: Michelle Jordan


Hadwin & Oshige (2011) Self-Regulation, Coregulation, and Socially Shared Regulation

*Note:  Please bring an electronic device such as a laptop, tablet, or smart phone if you are participating in this session that will allow you to contribute to our Googledoc: 

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Morning Sessions II